Cramers lightning round: I am a buyer of Affirm Holdings – CNBC

Cramers lightning round: I am a buyer of Affirm Holdings – CNBC

The RealReal: “No. As a matter of fact I am actually, I want take all these places that do clothes — let me throw in Rent the Runway — and start thinking, you know what, we’ve got too many of these guys. I just really feel that way, so I’m going to say no to The RealReal.”

Mind Medicine: “Psychedelic drugs, I thought it had a future but right now it looks like the past. I am a believer that this is a great [speculative play]. Two buck spec, you can do that, but remember stocks can go to zero.”

Affirm Holdings: “I think [CEO] Max Levchin is the pioneer in this group. I think if the stock doesn’t get higher, he’ll sell the darn thing. I like him. I like Affirm. I’m a buyer.”

Fair Isaac: “We now have competitors to Fair Isaac, and I think that that’s a problem. There are other companies that are coming into the business and they’ve got a better way to do loans, including, yes, Upstart, so I am not a fan of FICO.”

Upwork: “It went out of favor about two weeks ago, but [CEO] Hayden Brown does not go out of favor. She’s extraordinarily good, so I think you should hold it for the long term.”

Butterfly Network: “When I first heard about this, I happened to be with a doctor who loves the product, and I thought it could be a hit. But you know what, it’s just another one of those companies that came a time when there’s too many companies, so I’m going to have to say you’ve just got to wait until people finish selling. I don’t know when that is, but it’s certainly not here.”

Dish Network: “[Chairman] Charlie Ergen runs that … and I’ve got tell you, he is so smart, I would never bet against the guy even if I cannot see a single reason to own the stock other than the fact that Charlie Ergen runs it.”

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