In this tutorial we will look into the krakend api gateway installtion in windows with docker step by step.

So lets Get started with krakenD installation with docker.
And then running the krakenD and checking the end point listing on port 8080 with help of /__health end point.

Steps to follow:

step1: copy command from

 $docker run -p "8080:8080" -v PWD:/etc/krakend/ devopsfaith/krakend run --config /etc/krakend/krakend.json 

Now press enter to run the command on docker.

Now Opent the health url in the browser or you in command terminal. For browser:


To run on command terminal:
 curl http://localhost:8080/__health

You will get the status of Ok, if not then there will be error in your config file of your krakend.json.

Interested in video please see the complete steps in YouTube Video series.

To see the complete playlist on KrakenD api gateway please click on the below url.

Thank you for read the article.