How Would You Improve PS Plus? – Talking Point – Push Square

How Would You Improve PS Plus? – Talking Point – Push Square

How Would You Improve PS Plus? Talking Point 1How Would You Improve PS Plus? Talking Point 1

After what appeared to be a fairly hot streak of quality PlayStation Plus line-ups earlier this year, it feels like the chatter surrounding Sony’s premier subscription service has once again returned to discussing how to improve it. This month’s free PS Plus games clearly played a part in shaping that conversation, but it’s something we’ve noticed bubbling under the surface for a while now. So, what else would you like the membership to offer?

Right now, PS Plus offers one free PS5 game per month, two free PS4 games per month, access to online multiplayer, discounts on the PS Store, exclusive game content packs, 100GB of cloud storage space, Share Play, and then Game Help and the PS Plus Collection on PS5. However, there is one more feature exclusive to a single country.

Currently being run as a trial in Poland, the PS Plus Video Pass bundles in more than 20 movies and TV shows from Sony Pictures, with more content added every three months. The test has been limited to the country because of its “commitment and activity in the network and social media. They also like to use VoD platforms. For us, this is the perfect combination, the perfect market, to introduce a test service as part of the PS Plus program and see what our key users think about it,” explained Sony global services vice president Nick Maguire back in April.

How Would You Improve PS Plus? Talking Point 2

We then polled Push Square users, asking whether the PS Plus Video Pass feature is the right way to expand the service. Just 16% of you responded saying you’d “happily have it as a new PS Plus feature”.

Another way Sony is looking at potentially improving its offering is through a more expensive tier that bundles in a subscription to anime streaming service Crunchyroll. The console maker recently completed its acquisition of the company in question, and Eurogamer has reported that one of its sources claims Sony is looking into a more expensive version of PS Plus that includes Crunchyroll. Would you be interested in paying more to gain access to a variety of anime shows?

What so many subscribers are calling out for, however, is Sony to bundle in PS Now. The oft-forgotten service is at a point where it houses a huge list of PS4 titles for download and lots of PS3 games capable of being streamed, so to bring it under the PS Plus umbrella would represent a significant jump in value for money; that is if the price stays the same. A few key titles do leave the content offering every now and then, but what stays for good would surely justify a PS Plus membership at that point.

How Would You Improve PS Plus? Talking Point 3

Those are just a few ways Sony could improve its PS Plus service along with a hotly requested addition, but do you have any other ideas? Do you hope the hardware manufacturer focuses on what it’s already trying to do with PS Plus Video Pass, or are there better avenues it could take to increase value? Place your votes in our poll, and expand on your thoughts in the comments below.

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