LordKnight releases his first tier list for Guilty Gear Strive – EventHubs

LordKnight releases his first tier list for Guilty Gear Strive – EventHubs

Guilty Gear Strive has been in the hands of the players for about two months now. Though BC|LordKnight — one of the world’s top Guilty Gear players — is well known for his “not a tier list tier lists,” the man has finally released his first tier list for Guilty Gear Strive.

In LordKnight’s new tier list, he arranges Guilty Gear Strive’s roster into the S, S-, A+ and A- tier categories. Goldlewis Dickinson is also present, but he resides in the “Area 51” section at the very bottom, indicating that LordKnight isn’t sure where he belongs just yet.

This probably won’t surprise anyone, but Sol Badguy has been placed at the very top of the tier list. Because Sol Badguy just simply has stuff that no other character in the roster has, Sol Badguy is often depicted as the best character in Guilty Gear Strive.

The next category sees Chipp, May, Leo and Ramlethal as strong contenders in the meta. Notably, TSM|Leffen was recently able to take Evo 2021’s Guilty Gear Strive tournament using Chipp, then immediately released a tier list of his own that also placed Chipp in a high position.

LordKnight’s main, Millia Rage, can be found at the top of the A+ tier category. According to LordKnight, a player that has truly mastered Millia is capable of winning tournaments with only Millia.

It’s said during the video that Millia has a very stable match up spread. Those seen directly after Millia have match up spreads that feature some unfavorable hard counters.

Check out LordKnight’s Guilty Gear Strive tier list below:

LordKnight's Guilty Gear Strive tier list image #1

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