Man loses $1,300 cash depositing money at ATM –

Man loses $1,300 cash depositing money at ATM –

Eric Morton says the machine was counting the money when suddenly an error message appeared and his money vanished.

HOUSTON — Most of us use ATMs to get cash. But some people— like workers who rely on tips— use ATMs to make cash deposits. 

Have you ever wondered is that risky?

Eric Morton says he’s out a bunch of cash, actually a lot of cash, after what he believes was an ATM malfunction.

He said followed his normal routine. He inserted his card, and then he then deposited $1,300 cash into the atm.

“I hear it counting the money, counting the money,” Morton said. “As its processing, an error hits the screen.”

Confused, Morton decided to check his account.

“I then follow up, go back to the ATM and check my account, to see maybe it’s in there. It was not in there,” he said.

Morton owns a courier company and says he frequently deposits cash. But he says when he called the bank’s security department, the agent questioned whether he was telling the truth.

“So I feel like I am defending myself more than you are trying to help me, I am trying to find out where my $1,300 went and no one can tell me anything,” he said.

Morton said he’s not asking the bank to take him at his word. He is just asking the bank to look at the footage from the camera on and around that ATM.

“That’s all I have been asking. Check the camera footage,” he said. has these tips to lower the chances of it happening to you:

  • Use an ATM at a physical bank, not a freestanding one
  • Don’t deposit cash to an out of network atm.
  • Consider using a live teller if it’s a very large amount

After Don’t Waste Your Money got involved, the bank looked at the ATM surveillance video and determined that Morton was telling the truth.

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